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Not all who wander are Luxe. . .
But maybe they should be. . .

Wander Luxe:

Sillin’s sleek collection brings rocker edge to luxe pieces for the intercontinental set 

Not all who wander are luxe, but Sillin’s new collection travels between rocker edge, and upscale metropolitan with ease. The collection playfully juxtaposes rich fabrics and textures, keeping current rock-and-roll, city chic styles fresh. Designer Tabitha Holmes has created a line of men’s and women’s fashions, that pair well together, but stand without their counterparts. The ebullient creator credits her inner romantic for her decision to create for both sexes.

“I am inspired by art, travel, and having that little bit of gypsy to me, it drove me to create for a couple who lives like that.”— Tabitha Holmes

What sets the line apart is the impeccable craftsmanship used in each design. Although the apparel has a vintage rocker feel, the clothes don't sacrifice quality, durability, or comfort to achieve this look. This technical sharpness comes from the designer’s background in pattern making. The young artisan got her start in pattern making, and technical design. It was there that she learned how to make things fit beautifully. Her 15 years as a pattern maker have paid off in clean lines, and sleek fits. Her technical facility is then carried out by large companies attentive to her definitive approach. She has worked diligently to create an arsenal of talented manufacturers, a unique expansion for an up-and-coming designer. The result is an ambitious discovery of luxury and whimsy, all with classic appeal.


Designer Bio:

Tabitha Holmes | Designer/Creator, Sillin Inc.

 “Following her own Pattern”


As the designer/creator of a burgeoning fashion line, Tabitha Holmes, has emerged as both a style beacon, and a businesswoman. Her latest collection tells the story of a woman who has seen all aspects of the fashion industry, and arrived with a very specific point-of-view. Through the years, she has sought out learning opportunities, hard work, and any avenue that could fuel her burning passion for fashion. Instead of following a cookie cutter approach to entering the fashion landscape, she built her own pattern, gathering knowledge from every corner of the industry.


To begin her journey, the young designer headed to the birthplace of many fashion greats, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, or FIDM. Quickly garnering her degree, she was touched with a bit of good fortune in her final year. During mock interviews with real fashion executives, she made quite an impression on the HR personnel at Guess Jeans. She was granted an interview for the LA based enterprise, aced her assignment, and landed a job at the prestigious company. She worked hard, determined to make the most of the opportunity. Her hard work paid off shortly afterward. When the director of the pattern department took a position at Lucky Brand Jeans, Tabitha was poached to fill an opening. She pushed herself to work twice as hard as everyone else. This work ethic did not go unnoticed.


From there, her journey took her to multiple places, including the notable fashion company, Modern Amusement, and lastly, at Quiksilver/Roxy. Sillin regards this post, as one where she was able to expand upon what she had already learned as a patternmaker. She was surrounded by accomplished insiders, who were able to take her raw talent, and finesse it, making her an invaluable asset.The young designer earned 6 promotions over the course of 6 years, and by the young age of 26, became the senior youth patternmaker for the Roxy girls division.

She credits her tenacious approach to learning, as the key to her success.

“Why so much success in such a short amount of time? Because I sought out knowledge. I wanted to know how everything worked, from production to screen printing, to accounting. I learned how to do costing sheets, and how to read production logs. I learned merchandising, color stories, trends, balancing cost tiers, ratios of goods. My brain is full of the fashion business, and I love it!”

Now that she has created her pattern, she can use it for a lifetime in the every changing fashion industry. With her solo venture, Sillin, she has incorporated her diverse background into luxe pieces, stamped with her unique thumbprint. Using her business skills, she manages the line, and continues her dedication to improvement, until all her knowledge spills onto the patterns of the well-informed collection.


“Work hard. Learn as much as you can. And don't let life's circumstances get in the way of what you want to achieve.” —Tabitha Holmes



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