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The Stone File Wearing Sillin Apparel.

Have you heard of The Stone File by Taylor? This fashion maven has some major influential pull with the fashion community. Her followers are pushing 31.K and counting. (Wowza!) Taylor was recently spotted wearing our fall go-to Angelee Track Jacket. Delivering her personal style with some serious panache. We're enamored with how Taylor added a feminine pop and flourish to our jacket. Check out Taylor's rip-roaring world on Instagram.  *images courtesy of @taylornstone

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Locals Only. Shopping Beyond the Mall in Arizona.

When I relocated from Los Angeles to Phoenix, it was a jarring culture shock. Differences between the art, fashion, and music scene were blatantly obvious. I remember my favorite people watching hub was the Albertson’s on Hillhurst off of Los Feliz Blvd.. You better believe everyone showed up to buy their almond milk in black skinny jeans, a methodically ripped vintage rock t-shirt, and finishing the spectacle with a Céline handbag. It was nothing short of awe inspiring. Let’s just say that in this region, I feel way too comfortable taking a page from the People of Wal-Mart book when I go to the neighboring grocer.  Be that as it may, I give a huge crap about personal style and...

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